The Scavenging Update

New Features
  • Scavenging system added.
  • Main quest added.
  • Banking system added.
  • Treasure map system added.
  • Increased image size for main game.
  • Robbery system revamped.
  • Added a stand off minigame.
  • Added a daily image poster that scrapes images from Reddit.
  • Visual effects can now spawn animals or enemy anomalies.
  • Main GUI redesign.
  • Added a random GIF reaction generator and a system to curate it.
  • Current craft wait time added to inventory.
  • Added a 2 hour cooldown for game resets.
  • Voting adds biological matter to make up the difference of any energy you already have.
  • Reduced attack visuals to three days, added a clean fallout button.
  • Added depth leaderboard option to Discord Leaderboard screen.
  • You can now wakeup on zero energy.
  • The sleep screen for Salt Miner has been improved in readability and the game image has been added.
  • Visual effects are now more rare.
Bug Fixes & Misc
  • Fixed a bug with barrier detection while buttons are still enabled.
  • Lowered the first instance of an anomaly and patrol bot.
  • Added a basic help command, links to website resources and has a button to start the game.
  • Curated all of the hundreds of GIFS to remove irrelevant ones.
  • Added emojis to feedback and vote button to make them stand out more.
  • Fixed my bots constantly disconnecting from the website (sortof).
  • Fixed the icon for Salt Miner on my website.
  • Remove test groups. The standard will now be 200 start energy, 2min regen chunks and no intro.
  • Made a quick promo GIF for Salt Miner and updated its page.
  • Added a prevention method for button presses while the game is still rendering.
  • Improved the way users are fetched
  • Fixed website dns for this website