The Experience Update

New Features
  • An experience and level system has been added with 11 skill branches.
  • A portal system has been added, allowing you to go back and fourth to the surface easier.
  • Energy now regenerates in 10 minute chunks using a sleep mode that's always accessible.
  • A notification option is now available to DM when your energy is fully restored.
  • Dialogues list revised and expanded to 31.
  • You can now rob NPCs and escape the interaction.
  • Global chat has been added with mod controls for chat bans.
  • Anomalies now have a visible detection range and use a AOE type explosive attack.
  • Fetch quests now give experience rewards.
  • Blackjack bet option amounts are now relative to the amount of coin you have.
  • Guild rank bonus has been altered to counter the new income bonus skill.
Boring Stuff
  • Discord time outs and errors will no longer cause coin loss in blackjack betting.
  • Improved ranking back end.
  • Bytes image caching added, image generation speed increased by about 30%.
  • A dual experiment has started, showing half of servers a story intro and half not, and half of servers have 2 min energy regen speed while half have 5 min energy regen speeds, results will be compared to decide which path to take.
  • Added a better stat collection system to help improve the game.
  • Patreon rewards have been updated.