Salt Miner Guide



Start the main game.


Buy someone in your server a gift.


Propose to someone in your server.


Steal coin from someone in your server.


Drop a loot bomb for your server.


Draw and upload a custom body cosmetic.


Play various minigames such as standoff.


React with a randomly generated gif.


Send feedback or bug reports to the developer.


Set up a daily image post in the channel you use the command in.

Getting Started

Type /mine in any Discord server with the Salt Miner app to open the main game.

You don't need to type anything. Salt Miner uses buttons for navigation and dropdowns for interactions.


The button next to your backpack will create a portal to the surface for faster travel.


You can regain energy by finding and using energy shots, crafting and consuming biological matter or sleeping. You can find the sleep button inside your inventory.


Earn reputation for your server by reaching new depths or spending your profits at the Server Manager.



Patrol bots lasers are deadly but they can be taken care of with dynamite, vaporizers or by jumping directly ontop of them.


Always run from anomalies, they are uneffected by any physical matter but soon run out of steam and vanish.



When you dig up materials, you can go to the surface to trade with the market for a little coin.


If you're lucky enough to find artifacts you can sell them to the Historian who lives underground.


Or you can make a steady income crafting items and selling them to other explorers hiding under the surface.


Dig, kill enemies and collect resources to earn a little experience.

Talk to the explorer and do quests to earn larger amounts.

Boost your experience rate by talking to the Historian or spending skill points in intelligence.


Support development through Patreon and earn rewards.