Art Muse Guide



Start the main app.


Upload a submission.


Set up a custom daily prompt.


Stops the daily prompt.


Useful links, like the one to this page.


Type /muse in any Discord server with the app and then navigate by pressing the appropriate buttons.


To submit a link do /muse -> My Art -> Create Submission

To upload directly use /submit

When submitting, remember to choose the type of art you're submitting and a title.

You have to pay coin to repair your art otherwise it will be destroyed after a week.

To repair your art do /muse -> My Art -> :dollar: -> Repair


Art submitted by users are randomly shown to other people so they can rate them.

You can view your submission's likes, rank and other info by going to My Art -> 💵

Earning coin

If you have submitted art, you can collect its income once a day by going to /muse -> My Art -> 💵 -> Collect Income.

You can also sell your art on the same screen, but this will destroy it and any future income it could have generated.

Submissions earn income based on how they rank.

The sale value of a piece of art is determined by the amount of likes it has received and the amount of time it has existed.

You can also purchase items to increase your income by going to /muse -> My Art -> 🛒


Support development through Patreon and earn rewards.